Mammae Mia Maternity Care

At Mammae Mia we offer professional and committed maternity care for mother and child. Our professional maternity nurses assist you from the birth and the period afterwards.

Maternity care is the care for mother and child during childbirth and the period afterwards. A professional maternity nurse takes care of mother and child for 8 days. She monitors the health of mother and child, provides information, supports breastfeeding and answers questions. In addition, light housework is done, visitors are received and, if necessary, the other family members are taken care of. Mammae Mia sees it as a task to strengthen and increase the self-confidence of new parents. 

In addition to physical care at home, Mammae Mia also offers digital maternity care. This digital maternity care is an integral part of the maternity care of Mammae Mia, which means that it is an addition to the hours of maternity care you receive at home. After the intake with Mammae Mia you get access to the Maternify app. This can be used up to 1 month after the birth of your child.

The intake

We will contact you between weeks 32 and 34 of your pregnancy to make an appointment for the intake interview.

In this conversation, at your home or by telephone, our maternity nurse will tell you what Mammae Mia can do for you and your wishes and needs are discussed. You will also receive the growth guide.


The basic maternity care package is set at 49 hours, spread over 8 days. During this care the maternity nurse pays attention to:

  • Caring and checking up on the mother
  • Caring and checking up on the baby
  • Information, instruction and integration of the baby into the family
  • Observing, signalling and reporting
  • Breastfeeding guidance
  • Guaranteeing hygiene
  • The care and/or shelter of other family members in the house
  • Performing light household chores

Our intakers

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