Breastfeeding course

Breastfeeding involves quite a lot. In our Breastfeeding course we explain how breastfeeding works and prepare you (and partner) for what is coming.

The Breastfeeding course is on once a month different evenings on location at Mammae Mia. There is also an English breastfeeding course on location.

The following points will be covered during the course: 

  • How is breast milk made
  • How do you put a baby on the breast
  • How a baby drinks at the breast
  • Hoe ziet de eerste borstvoedingsweek er uit (in vogelvlucht)
  • How do you notice that breastfeeding is going well
  • True or False
  • Who can you call with questions

The costs for the course are € 20,- p.p.


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