Breastfeeding; with the next one every thing will be different (only in Dutch)

This breastfeeding information is intended for pregnant women with a second, third or subsequent child, for whom breastfeeding was not 'successful' the first time. Where did it go wrong and can it be done differently now?

This course is for mothers whose previous breastfeeding period went differently than desired or expected, but who would like to give breastfeeding a chance again with the next child.

The breastfeeding period with your first child did not go as planned or expected. It is possible that your baby was born prematurely or there were complications during the delivery. Perhaps you have experienced pain that disturbed the production of breast milk, or caused stress, frustration and disappointment. These are all causes that can affect breastfeeding.

In a small group (with only women) we discuss possible pitfalls and answer questions. We look at how a recurrence of breastfeeding problems can be prevented. We also make a nutrition plan that you can fall back on after the birth.

The costs for the course are € 20,- p.p.


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